About Story Wheel

The newest top game for the iPhone and iPad is now available in the app store

Spin the wheel and land on an image. Now it's your turn to make up part of a story with that image.

You'll have 30 seconds to record your voice as you add to the story. As you progress, the previous images are displayed on the side so you can keep track of the storyline.

Record Your Stories

Your voice is played back with the images you spun.

Each page of the story lists the speaker and shows the animated image that was spun. This positive reinforcement will captivate your children, and encourage them to tell even more stories.

Share Your Stories

Once you have created your story, you can share it online, or published as an iBook. You can even make it public and share it with the world!

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What Studies Show

Studies are mounting that strongly support the educational and developmental benefits of story telling.  Here are just a few quotes from studies:

  • "Children's orally told invented fairy tales can be used (a) to promote cognitive development, (b) to assess cognitive development, and (c) to identify emotional conflicts that children are experiencing." 

    Geist, Eugene and Jerry Aldridge. "The developmental progression of children's oral story inventions."Journal of Instructional Psychology. 2002. Feb. 4 2011. www.findarticles.com

  • "Storytelling is one of the most important tools of any educator because it engages children in learning." 

    Ellis, Brian "Fox" and Stephanie McAndrews. Storytelling Magic Enhancing Childrens Oral Language Reading And Writing. Unknown. Feb 4 2011. www.foxtalesint.com

  • "Storytelling stimulates the imagination. Recent studies have shown that children who lack imagination are not only prone to failure in school but are far more susceptible to violence." 

    Fredericks, Linda and Allison Cox. Storytelling In The Classroom. Unknown. Feb. 4 2011.www.dancingleaves.com

  • "In a society where parents lead busy lives and children are entertained by the impersonal communication media of films and television, storytelling can be an invaluable part of your program." 

    Chan, Aline G. The Art of the Storyteller. 1987. Feb. 4 2011. www.eldrbarry.net

  • "Studies have shown that humans retain only 20% of what they read, but they recall 80% of symbols." 

    Fredericks, Linda and Allison Cox. Storytelling In The Classroom. Unknown. Feb. 4 2011.www.dancingleaves.com

How To Play

  • To start, select a theme. Try the "Story Teller" theme pack for free, and once you are ready to expand your stories, you can purchase other themes like the "Princesses & Knights" theme, "Pirates" theme, or "Space" theme.
  • Next add your players. Between 1-4 players can join in the fun. Add their names, which will be displayed on each page of the story so you can see who is telling the story.
  • You begin creating the story with the first player spinning the wheel. The wheel will land on a picture that will animate when you touch it.
  • When you are ready, touch the 'Record' button. This will start a 30 second timer and will begin to record what you say.
  • When you are done, touch the 'Stop' button. This will stop the recording and reset the timer. Otherwise, the timer will automatically stop the recording when the 30 seconds is up.
  • If you make a mistake and want to re-record your narration, touch the 'Redo' button. You will get another 30 seconds to narrate. You can redo your story as many times as you like.
  • When you are happy with what you recorded, touch the 'Next Player' button, and pass the iPhone or iPad to the next player. The picture will be removed from the wheel, and added to the storyline on the right of the wheel.
  • The next player will spin the wheel and record the next page of the story.
  • There are a maximum of 12 pages to a story, but you can end a story after only two pages. The last player should try to conclude the story. When they are done, they will be prompted to add a title to the story.
  • You are then presented with a number of options, and if you click the 'Play' button the story will play back. You can pause it at any time. If you want to play it back later, it can be found in the 'Listen to Stories' section off the main page.
  • To share a story, touch the "Share" button beside the story. You will be prompted with a choice of sharing an iBook version of the story or sharing online. iBook versions can only be played back on the iPhone or iPad with iBooks. You will then be presented with an email to send to the person you want to share. For sharing an iBook, the iBook will be added to the email as an attachment. For sharing online, the URL of your story will be added. Make your story public and share it with the world!